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Every project starts with a pro

Helping you transform your ideas into reality. On time and within budget.

Guiding you through complex projects since 2014


Count on us for your cost estimations, procurement and budget advice.


On site and behind the screens. We keep an eye on expenses, progress and (sub-)contractors.


Consult us for an efficient yet realistic project schedule.

Every project starts with a pro ...

... in an ideal world

A project is easy to start, but notoriously hard to move forward. Before you know it, this already time-consuming endeavour surprises you with unforeseen problems, a bunch of tough questions and new decisions to be made.

Result? Your daily schedule gets hi-jacked and that tight deadline gets pushed further and further down the road.

... or ends up with one

Difficulties with expenses, contractors or schedules? Overwhelmed by the chaos your project creates? Not sure where to go next?

Even if you did not need a project manager at the start of your endeavour, you can still count on one later on. We’re ready to help out, each step of the way.

What does a project manager do for you?

A whole lot, if that’s what you want. Or a little less, depending on your needs. Every project is different, and you decide what you want help with

Does the scope of your project change? Would you like us to stick around a bit longer? That’s fine – we’ll adapt according to your needs.


Every project starts with ... An idea!

We help you figure out how beneficial, costly and realistic your idea is. And how to turn it into a project. Can't figure out how to reach your goals? We'll brainstorm with you.

Business Case

A business case defines the scope of your project, your budget and your stakeholders. Count on our expertise to translate your ideas into a compelling case.


Planning can be a tough cookie without experience and technical knowledge. Not to worry though, we've got your back.


During the execution phase, a lot will happen. This is where you will really get some surprises thrown at you. Let us handle the unexpected so you stay in control of your work.


Keeping track of money and people - important but oh so time-consuming. Luckily we love making sure your project stays within time and budget.


After your project is finished, some optimisations or new features might be necessary. We're in for the long haul, so feel welcome to consult us.

Your project is our expertise

And especially when it comes to logistics, automation and construction projects. But we love your retail, office and renovation projects as well.


Managing your construction project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function

Refits, refurbs & renovations

Refitting:  adding new fittings in order to update or maintain a space. 

Refurbishing: refreshing your building and make it look as good as new.

Renovating: rebuilding your structure to its former condition.


Planning, organising and managing your resources to bring about a successful completion of your logistics needs.


Upgrading the looks and feel of your store with innovative solutions so you can attract more customers.



Automation solutions to increase the efficiency of your warehousing, distribution and supply chain. 

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